From gloom to sunshine!

traumatotriumphHave you ever had a major meltdown because you feel like you just can’t handle things the way they are anymore?

It seems that Murphy’s law has taken a hold of your life, that nothing is going right? Like everything has been turned upside down and you feel completely out of control, spiraling downward into total darkness, with no one to catch you? What do you do to pull yourself out of the abyss and back into the light?

I had such a meltdown just recently in the middle of the night that started with panic about my finances. The fear kept growing and wound its gnarly fingers around every other aspect of my life. I became a horrible mother, a horrible daughter, a horrible sister, a horrible friend. I was never going to fully recover from my stroke. I had no gifts, skills or talents that I could offer others. I would never amount to anything. I was a complete failure and I felt forsaken. I cried and cried and cried until I could cry no more. Then the gloomy clouds went away and the sun broke through. I calmed down and went to sleep. It was rough, but I got through it.

The next morning, I was exhausted from the emotional trauma of the night. But I woke up at the crack of dawn, meditated and got ready for the day. I decided to go outside before the heat became unbearable and do my daily walk, connecting with nature. And I walked twice around the block, a feat I hadn’t been able to do in a long time. I felt energized and alive…like I could be and do anything. I came inside and checked my emails and received the message that I needed to hear at that moment…let go, trust and surrender.

That reminded me of what I have spoken about in my book Radiant Survivor

“Life’s journey is full of magic – the marvelous, the miraculous and the wonderful – but it’s not without its hurdles along the way. And when we come to these bumps in the road, we need to have faith and believe that the Universe “has our back” and will be our pillar of strength, propping us up and propelling us forward…When you believe in yourself, you send the energy of that belief out into the universe, which sets things in motion…

“Everything has its own divine timing…If we watch the magnificence that is created by the Divine, we can learn from the natural flow of life. We see how the miracles of life unfold naturally without fear, without manipulation, without force or resistance. When we surrender to God, the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent power in all of us, magic happens…When we are in the presence of this inner personal power, we are transformed.”

So I ask you…What would you do? You may have had some sort of trauma happen in your life. It may have incapacitated you in some way. Are you going to let it make you or break you? Do you have the wherewithal to challenge yourself to the nth degree? That no matter what, no matter how many falls you take… that you’ll get right back up, dust yourself off and stand tall in your beliefs, in yourself and in Spirit, your co-creator? Nothing is more powerful than the human spirit when it is guided by the divine spirit. With Spirit at the helm, you can achieve anything!

In my trauma recovery program From Trauma to Transformation that I am developing, one of the exercises I ask you to do is write a story about a protagonist (you) who has given up hope, but has found that divine spark inside to rise up from the ashes and try again with renewed strength, using the symbolism of the Nine of Wands from the Tarot as the basis of the story.
Nine of Wands

Wands in Tarot represent spirit, creativity and divine spark – the channeled focus on what deeply moves us and drives us to act upon our passions and desires. Nines hold the energy of attainment and completion, like the completion of a cycle. And with completion comes renewal and the beginning of another cycle. There is no ending without a beginning. So if you are in a rut and can’t see your way out, and find yourself wanting to throw in the towel, look to the Nine of Wands for some guidance as to what to do.

In the card, the girl is surrounded by eight wands, and holding the ninth with a sense of self-confidence and inner fortitude. The scene is telling you that no matter what life challenges she has encountered (the eight wands), she has overcome them with a stalwart determination (the wands are behind her). And now, with renewed conviction, she stands strong in her own power (the ninth wand).

Writing can be very cathartic when you are in a dilemma and need a way of expressing the associated emotions that may be bubbling up from inside. Why not try your hand at writing your own story and see what develops? See if you can bring yourself back into the sunshine.

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Erica Tucci

Erica Tucci - author Radiant Survivor

Erica Tucci

ERICA TUCCI had a full life as a corporate manager of a Fortune 500 company, a healing arts business owner and an author of three books. It all came to a screeching halt in June 2011 when she had a stroke that left her completely paralyzed on her right side. During Erica’s recovery, she gained much wisdom about what’s really important in life, and she re-entered the world with a new mission: to use her story as an inspiration for others facing life challenges, which we all have, big or small. That story can be found in Erica’s book, Radiant Survivor: How to Shine and Thrive through Recovery from Stroke, Cancer, Abuse, Addiction and Other Life-Altering Experiences.

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